What is the investment for working together?

I offer attractive pricing for single sessions or packages of expat coaching, tailored to your preferences and needs.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Single Session

$ 170

✓ complimentary initial session
✓ single sessions of 50 minutes each
✓ flexibile to schedule and combine
✓ non-committal.


$ 450

✓ complimentary initial session
✓ 3 sessions of 50 minutes each over 2 months
✓ 12 % discount
✓ predictable, secure support during times of change
✓ email and phone support between the sessions


$ 865

✓ complimentary initial session
✓ six sessions of 50 minutes each over 6 months
✓ 15 % discount
✓ more stable support over a foreseeable long period
✓ email and phone-support between the sessions

Expat Coaching – What to expect from online sessions and the borders of coaching

Demarcation of Coaching to Psychotherapy

Coaching focuses current topics and problems of mentally healthy people


Coaching supports you in finding your own solutions in order to reach your goals


The coaching focus lies on problem solving and identifying your personal barriers


A coach does not diagnose and treat mental health disorders

Please directly contact a psychotherapist near you, if you are looking for psychotherapy or treatment for mental health disorders. I do not offer pychotherapy at this time.