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Hi, my name is Sarah. I have a PHD in psychology and many years of experience focusing on the mental well-being of my clients. Do you dream of living in another country? Are you planning to relocate abroad? Or have you already taken the leap? Living abroad and immersing yourself in a different culture can be wonderful, but it also comes with significant challenges.

  • Emotional roller coasters
  • Loneliness and separation anxiety
  • Feelings of guilt towards family and friends
  • Feeling overwhelmed and helpless

Different phases of the expat life, of being a digital nomad, or of studying abroad bring their own set of hurdles. In each phase, you have exciting opportunities, but also have to navigate the unknown. Living abroad can provide a strong sense of independence and boundless freedom, but it also exposes you to numerous stress factors and changes that require adaptation. Is your personal or professional well-being being affected as a result? Are your thoughts spinning in circles? Are your emotions running wild? With my years of experience in psychological counseling work, the expat coaching will help you find stability in your current phase, use your power to strive for your goals, and make the best of your time abroad.

As an Expat Coach with PhD in Psychology, and personal experience as an expat in Atlanta, USA, I provide support based on evidence-based knowledge. I am here to help when the challenges seem overwhelming or if you want to enhance your resilience for future obstacles.

I am not telling you it‘s going to be EASY. I‘m telling you it‘s going to be WORTH IT.

Art Williams

I can offer support and strategic help, if you

seek greater clarity regarding your goals and values

need to navigate and prioritize multiple challenges simultaneously

feel overwhelmed in handling current issues on your own

want to feel more self-confident, satisified, successful

live a life between different countries, traveling back and forth

seaking better strategies to regulate your emotions

are facing acute stressors

It‘s a wonderful world. Are you ready to experience it?

Which stage describes you best?

The dream

I have the dream of a life abroad. And I want to make it reality…

Taking action

It is getting serious. Nothing can stop me now! And how do I manage my fears and worries?

Family life

My family is part of the exciting journey. Will we succesfully handle the challenges?

Between excitement and homesickness

I arrived in the new country and I am ready for an unforgettable time of my life. Unfortunately, not everything is wonderful or easy

Staying or leaving

The dilemma of the subsequent steps. Going back „home“ can be difficult, too.

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