Expat Coaching  

Online Expat-Coaching- What to expect?

With my online expat-coaching, I aim to create an open, trusting space for reflection, conversation, and personal growth. Most clients seek this support because they find themselves in an exciting, overwhelming, and sometimes challenging time. They are far away from their familiar environment and must navigate a new culture. The cultural shock often feels like walking through a minefield, wanting to make the right decisions but stumbling into numerous pitfalls in the new country. My clients desire to build new friendships while not losing touch with old friends and family and long for inner peace amidst constant encounters with new experiences, feeling internally restless. Feeling alone with these and other problems can be part of the expat-challenge itself. I understand the emotions and challenges that arise in these situations and, based on my psychological evidence-based foundation, I will work individually with you to develop your paths toward improved well-being and resilience. Through online expat-coaching, we have great flexibility in time and location. Details about duration and intensity of the sessions will be discussed together. And for very urgent inquiries, I will be also available between planned sessions, because challenges don’t always arise when sessions are scheduled. So, let’s get it started.

Process of Coaching for Expats

One can only determine one’s own limits by occasionally exceeding them. This applies to those that you set for yourself as well as those that others set for you.

Josef Broukal

The initial appointment

The first step towards change. Non-binding and free of charge.

Our getting-to-know appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. Once we have agreed on a suitable day and time using my calendar, you will receive a link to a video hosting site. During this session, you will have the opportunity to get to know me and ask any question you may have about my coaching approach and strategies. If you have any additional questions that arose while filling out the intake questionnaire, we can address those as well. This initial contact will help you determine if coaching with me could be beneficial for achieving your goals. I will ask some important initial questions to help develop a tailored strategy. Together, we will decide on the framework, duration, and general timeline of our coaching sessions.

the first step towards change

Coaching-procedure and costs

Get in touch

You can conveniently select the perfect time for your initial appointment with me using my calendar. If you are unable to find a suitable option, please feel free to reach out to me, and we will find a solution through phone or email communication.

Intake questionnaire and coaching agreement

Once you schedule an appointment, I will email you a questionnaire and my coaching agreement. This allows you time to reflect on important coaching-related questions and topics. Your responses will also enable me to prepare initial personalized strategies prior to our first session. To ensure a smooth start to our coaching journey, kindly return both documents before our scheduled appointment.

Initial Consultation

Our first appointment is free of charge and will help you, the client, to get to know me and check whether I am correct fit for you. You will be able to see how I work. And on the basis of the information from the questionnaire we will elaborate an initial strategy.

Coaching sessions

We will discuss and determine whether single sessions or a working package align better with your preferences and needs. Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes. Find a comfortable and quiet space with a stable internet connection, and we can begin our sessions.

Overview of my offers:

Single Session

✓ complimentary inital session
✓ single sessions of 50 minutes each
✓ flexible scheduling
✓ non-binding


✓ complimentary initial session
✓ 3 session of 50 minutes each over 2 months
✓ 12 % discount
✓ predictable, secure support during times of change
✓ email and phone support between sessions possible


✓ complimentary initial session
✓ 6 sessions of 50 minutes each over 6 months
✓ 15 % discount
✓ more stable support over a foreseeable long period
✓ email and phone support between session possible

Expat Coaching – What to expect from online sessions and the borders of coaching

Distinction of Coaching to Psychotherapy


Coaching focuses on current topics and problems of mentally healthy people


Coaching supports you in finding your own solutions in order to reach your goals


The focus of coaching is on problem- solving and identifying your personal barriers


A coach does not diagnose and treat mental health disorders

Please directly contact a psychotherapist near you, if you are looking for psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, or treatment for mental health disorders. I currently do not offer these specific forms of treatments.