Which stage describes you best?

The dream – I wish to go abroad

You have a dream. And you want to make it reality. A dream which stays a dream will not satisfy you. Will you be able to turn this dream into reality? Do I need some more clarity before I can implement a successful strategy? Is this even your dream or somebody else’s? Is it a good idea to fulfill my partner’s dream? In my experience, the dream-stage was a constant back and forth. It was hard making decisions for or against the relocation. It was never a 100-0 decision and I had to find my peace with the disadvantages. Sometimes, I lost track of what I really wanted. Sometimes, I just wanted to make no decision at all. I will help you identifying your goals, striving for them, and activating your self-confidence.

Taking action – it is getting serious

All right, people. This is it! I will be going abroad and nothing can stop me.
Nothing? I sometimes feel as if I would stop myself. I cannot stop thinking, I feel tired. Maybe I even don’t want to go anymore!?
There are times when my clients do not trust in their abilities and competences. But they have not dissolved! In times of stress, we often do not use our “normal” strategies, abilities, and capacities. Furthermore, we apply less healthy stress management strategies leading e.g. to impaired brain functions (like strategic thinking and memory abilities), and lower body performances (more tiredness, less energy). Some people have personality traits, or self-regulation strategies that are more prone for procrastination. Stress situations may reinforce this kind of harmful behavior.
Together we will work on strategies to get back your old strength and find your new power. You will find out more about your values and goals. Would I rather want to stay with my family and friends instead of experiencing the wide dangerous world? I am very certain that you have already achieved a lot, so let us find out the best way that you can achieve your new dream. Let’s prepare together and you will feel more clarity and decisiveness.

Family life – How to face family challenges?

Most of my clients take their partner and/or children on their expat experience. This includes usually many responsibilities and much more planning. Together, families can make a great experience that binds them even more together. Families rely even more on each other than in their new home country. At the same time, moving abroad with one‘s family always goes along with some of many difficult emotions: anxiousness, anger, guilt, helplessness, frustration, exhaustion… Communication might be difficult in stressful phases and it happens that partners are not able to find a common way. And often enough, one of the partners decides to stop or pause their own career for the sake of the career of the other. As this „dependent“, it can be hard to find a suitable and fulfilling role in the „new life“.

Arriving and Living in a foreign country – In between excitement and homesickness

Having arrived in a new country, you are ready to experience an unforgettable time of your life. The “new” life offers new possibilities for self-fulfillment, new memories, and powerful energy. However, the life in a new exotic country is going to be an every-day-life eventually as well. And challenges have to be managed without the support and the stability of the familiar environment. I will teach you tools and abilities that will facilitate your ability to call the new place home, even in times of the greatest challenges or homesickness. Improve your life quality and fill up the white pages of the new chapter with radiant colors.

Staying or leaving –
And other important decisions in the expat‘s life abroad

Should I stay or should I go? How would it be to be back in my home country? Should I even move to yet another country? Many expats, expat families, digital nomads, and exchange students have to face this dilemma. And it becomes particularly difficult when family members have different dreams. Or when personal dreams and careerplans point to opposite directions. There is nothing like the right decision. But how is it possible then to find a good way? With my help as online expat-coach you will feel that decision making and prioritization get easier. Reach your best potential. Find your personal way to more inner freedom and self-determination.


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