About me

Hi, I am Sarah – your expert in managing challenges in the expat life

As Expat Coach with a PhD in Psychology and personal exprience of being an expat and dependent, I am passionate about my work. Originally from Germany, my husband and I relocated to the North of Atlanta in Georgia, USA, in 2022. Prior to that, I have lived in various countries such as the Netherlands, Canada, USA,  and different regions of Germany. I have a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, exploring different perspectives, and learning about alternative ways of living.

While I am licensed as a psychotherapist in Germany, my professional focus in the US has evolved towards coaching. I feel fortunate to be able to combine my passion for different cultures and psychology when providing online coaching services specifically tailored for expats, digital nomads, exchange students, and travelers. These services address the unique challenges and questions that arise from living in diverse countries. 

Additionally, I am involved in research at the Brain and Health Center of Emory University in Atlanta. For my work, I find it essential to stay updated on the latest research and evidence-based knowledge. The human brain, in particular, fascinates me, as it is an organ that we often underutilize in our daily lives. During my personal time, I enjoy reading, playing the piano, and participating in sports, particularly running and volleyball. I also love spending time outdoors, regardless of whether it’s sunny or rainy.

Life is a journey

In 2002, I embarked on my first journey abroad, spending a high school year in the USA as an exchange senior student. This experience ignited my curiosity for living in different countries. Subsequently, I resided in the Netherlands and Canada, accumulating a total of ten different cities across four countries. The exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives has been a profound source of joy for me. Despite encountering challenges, periods of demotivation, and occasional loneliness, these experiences have been invaluable in my personal growth. I continue to learn and evolve as I navigate through different cultures, and I witness the transformative journeys of those around me. Moreover, one of the delightful aspects of my international ventures is the opportunity to savor the wonderful and exciting culinary offerings unique to each country which expand my recipe book.


My mission: supporting expats in living their most enjoyable life abroad

My clients are usually individuals who live or will be living abroad for various reasons, such as family, career, or out of curiosity. They encompass a diverse range of individuals, including expats, dependents, digital nomads, exchange students, adult third-culture kids, and global citizens. They possess the courage to embark on personal growth journeys, even though they may encounter obstacles along the way. Each personal story is unique, and that’s why I develop an individualized approach for every client based on my expertise.

My values as expat coach and psychologist

Life can be quite tough at times, but it also grants us magical moments.

Life can be quite tough at times, but it also grants us magical moments.

One of the most fascinating things in the world is how different individuals think, perceive, feel, behave, navigate, and contribute together to the world.

Examining OUR ways with curiosity and trying to improve them in order to reach OUR goals offers the greatest potential.

Why is my psychological expat coaching special?

I primarily offer 1:1 online coaching sessions, each lasting 50 minutes. My approach focuses on strategic, solution-oriented, and resource-based work. I firmly believe that you, as my client, hold the solution within yourself. With the tools and questions I provide, you will navigate through the labyrinth and find your way. My psychological background is rooted in the biological and neuropsychological processes of the human mind. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, specifically in emotion and stress regulation. Additionally, I incorporate contents of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as well as my knowledge of general stress and decision-making processes. Don’t be surprised if, despite the seriousness of some topics, there are moments of laughter. I approach my work with warmth and satisfaction.

My professional background


Research coordinator at the Brain Health Center of Emory University in Atlanta, GA

Until 2022, lecturer in the postgraduate education of Psychologists and Medical Doctors at Medical Faculty Mannheim (Heidelberg University), at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, and Center of Psychological Psychotherapy, Mannheim, Germany

Licensed as Psychological Psychotherapist in and for Germany (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Individuals and Groups , Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy for Depression)

 Dr. sc. hum at Karl-Ruprechts University Heidelberg, Germany (major in psychiatry/clinical psychology)

Master of Science (M. Sc.) in clinical psychology, University Konstanz, Germany

Bachelor of Science in biological psychology, Maastricht University, the Netherlands


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